Discoverer Deep Seas

Mission 1

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Location: Discoverer Deep Seas
Position: Gulf of Mexico
Depth: 10,000 ft
Dates: 2004
Industry Partners  
Gas & Oil Company Chevron
ROV Operator: Subsea7
Rig operator: Transocean
SERPENT Representatives: Dr. Ian Hudson, Ben Wigham, Professor Gil Rowe

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Mission Story

The Gulf of Mexico is one of the largest offshore production areas in the world with oil and gas exploration and production now occurring at greater and greater depths. It was the chance to use ROVs at these greater depths to carry out new and novel experimental projects that attracted NOC,S and Oceanlab researchers Ian Hudson and Ben Wigham to the Gulf of Mexico region. The collaboration with Professor Gil Rowe, and his deep-sea biology group at Texas A&M University, provides the project with a great wealth of background knowledge of the region and a proven expertise in deep-sea experimental biology.

Drill ship Discoverer Deep SeasThe first collaborative project in this region was based on the Transocean drill ship the Discoverer Deep Seas. This ship was under contract in 2004 to new partner Chevron-Texaco to drill the world's deepest oil well at 10,000ft (>3000m) water depth in the Gulf of Mexico. Images and video of species encountered around the area were regularly sent back to the SERPENT project.

Gulf of Mexico location map Dr Ian Hudson

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