Foinaven and Schiehallion


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Location: MSV Regalia, Schiehallion and Foinaven Fields
Position: Faroe-Shetland Channel
Depth: 508m
Water Temperature: No data
Dates: 2003
Industry Partners  
Gas & Oil Company BP
ROV Operator: Oceaneering
Rig operator: Transocean
SERPENT Representatives: Dr. Ian Hudson

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Mission Story

MSV RegaliaThe first SERPENT mission on to the MSV Regalia arose through discussions with BP and the BP Biodiversity Research Fellow at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. BP identified potential down-time during their ROV operations offshore that could be used more effectively to carry out "good science". The concept was taken on by the DEEPSEAS group, and they produced a series of simple experiments to be placed on the seabed. Ian Hudson, at the time working on his PhD examining deep-sea deposit feeding, developed a set of cages to be deployed by an ROV, where deposit feeders could be placed to monitor feeding rates using fluorescent tracer particles (Luminophores).

AnemoneThe successful trials on board the MSV Regalia resulted in several new discoveries in the fields of decapod ecology, feeding rates in deposit feeders, and predatory behaviour in the Anglerfish.

Foinaven/Schiehallion location map Dr Ian Hudson

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