Schiehallion Nordica

Mission 1

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Location: Schiehallion, Nordica
Position: Faroe-Shetland Channel
Depth: 508m
Water Temperature: No data
Dates: 2003
Industry Partners  
Gas & Oil Company BP
ROV Operator: Subsea7
Ship operator: Subsea7
SERPENT Representatives: Dr Ian Hudson

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Mission Story

NordicaSERPENT mission 3 was undertaken in the Schiehallion field, west of Shetland on board the Subsea 7 vessel Nordica - a high specification ROV support vessel. Active oil field areas such as Schiehallion cover a wide area,  this survey was carried out in areas of virtually unspoiled seabed away from the drilling activity. The seabed outside the protected oil field exclusion zones is heavily impacted by trawling so these sites provided a good chance to study the species richness, standing stock and distribution of the benthic megafauna in relatively natural conditions for the west of Shetland area.

Calcite formation Crab by a pipeline

Subsea7 ROV Unidentified sponge

Please contact Daniel Jones for more details about this project.

Schiehallion location map Dr Ian Hudson

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