Angola Workshop, Luanda

Mission 1


Location: Tropico Hotel, Luanda, Angola
Position: West African coast
Dates: July 2005
Gas & Oil Company BP
Marine Institutions: National Oceanography Centre (SERPENT Project), Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas de Vigo
Ecology partner: The Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME)
SERPENT Representative: Dr Ian Hudson

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Mission Story
Darwin Funding

As part of the Darwin intiative ( stage 1 funding SERPENT was successful in a pre-project funding award to set up links to improve the knowledge and expertise of science institutions in Angola. In collaboration with BP the award facilitated a trip for SERPENT Project leader Dr Ian Hudson to lead a workshop hosted by BP in Angola to discuss collaborations between, SERPENT, the UK science community and Angolan science.

SERPENT Angola Collaboration Workshop


As part of the SERPENT Project, a global network of academic institutions and oil and gas companies run from the National Oceanography Centre UK, and the Darwin Initiative an opportunity through BP Angola arose to engage with in-country scientists and oil and gas regulators in the region to discuss potential links. This meeting was hosted by BP Angola at the Tropico hotel in Luanda and represented a chance for everyone to meet to discuss future collaborations between UK science and Angolan science.


Dr Ian Hudson – SERPENT Project Director, UK

Ann-Marie McLaughlin – Environmental Advisor, BP UK
Ronnie Gallagher – Environmental Team Leader, BP Angola
Angelino Manuel – Environmental Team, BP Angola
Yolanda Gomes Environmental Team, BP Angola
Maria Martins- Environmental Team, BP Angola
Estrela Noemia – BP Translator

Institute for Marine Research (IIM)
Francisca Delgado, Director IIM.
N’Kosi Luyeye
Bomba-Bazika Sangolay
Moustapha Diedhiou
Silvie Edite
Isabel Cavita
Silvana Faria

Ministry for Petroleum
Ema Gomes

Ministry for Environment
Soki Kuedikuenda
Vladamir Russo – NBSAP

Maria de Lourdes Sardinha


Welcome note and introduction – Ann-Marie McLaughlin and Dr Ian Hudson
SERPENT Project: An overview – Dr Ian Hudson
BP and their role in SERPENT – Ann-Marie McLauglin
Darwin Initiative – Dr Ian Hudson
Earth Report – Screening of the SERPENT documentary including footage from Angola and IIM
Research off the Angola coastline by the IIM - Moustapha Diedhiou
Discussion session on Darwin Initiative and links to SERPENT – All
BCLME and the projects in Angola - Maria de Lourdes Sardinha
Further discussion on how to develop a protocol between SERPENT and all the interested parties in Angola and how to engage together on Darwin Project – All


Angola location map Dr Ian Hudson

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