Angola Block 18

Mission 2


Location: Angola, West Africa
Field: Angola block 18
Rig/vessel: Sedco Express
Dates: January 2006
Gas & Oil Company BP
Rig Operator: Transocean
ROV Operator: Oceaneering
SERPENT Representative: Dr Ian Hudson

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Mission Details

Our partnership with BP and Transocean in Angola has gone from strength to strength this year with the arrival of Transocean’s Sedco Express from Brazil. The Express is a gigantic dual activity semisubmersible rig that will be staying in the Angola Block 18 area for the next five years, providing a staging post for SERPENT Project research in Angola.

Ian Hudson spent two weeks in Angola in 2005 and a week offshore early in 2006 on the Express carrying out the first active mission in this area. Working at 1400m water depth the Oceaneering ROV crew helped to survey the well site area, describe the resident community and also find several exciting species of fish.

In addition, Ian gave presentations about the SERPENT project to over 120 of the 160-strong crew, highlighting the keen interest in the environment by the rig crew. Not only was the sea-floor life fascinating but regular visits from turtles, whales, dolphins, manta rays and even whale sharks provided a marine biologists dream and suitable viewing for the rig crew during break time! The whole mission was very engaging and a great start to the Angola campaign and SERPENT project collaborations with local scientists.



Angola location map Dr Ian Hudson

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