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Subsea 7

Subsea 7 are one of the worlds largest ROV operators and subsea installation companies. Their expertise in remote intervention and ROV design made them ideal partners for the SERPENT Project. Involved in the first ever SERPENT mission on the MSV Regalia, Subsea 7 and their team in Aberdeen and the Gulf of Mexico have been integral to the growth of SERPENT as founder partners and their continual efforts are making new opportunities for SERPENT all around the world. To date, nearly ten Subsea 7 ROV drilling installations and ten support vessels have contributed to SERPENT from a range of locations including West Africa, West of Shetland and the Gulf of Mexico to name but a few. Subsea 7 are committed to SERPENT at a global level and see the project as part of their business as we push the boundaries of commercial ROV operational capabilities in experimental deep-sea science.

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