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Publication Supplementary Material

This page contains additional material that supplements the entries on the Publications page.

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Neohela amphipod observations


Lene Buhl-Mortensen et al (accepted) Behaviour and habitat of Neohela monstrosa (Boeck, 1861) (Amphipoda, Corophiida) in Norwegian Sea deep water


Video highlights including, amongst others, Neohela observation in the paper (footage occurs at 04:10-12:30 mins):

Neohela Norway (1000 Mb)


Hammerhead observations


Moore & Gates (accepted) Further support for nocturnal deep diving behaviour in scalloped hammerhead shark Sphyrna lewini:a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) observation in the western Indian Ocean off Tanzania.


Videos of Sphyrna lewini described in the paper:

Sphyrna lewini Tanzania (160 Mb)

Sphyrna lewini Australia (36 Mb)



Tripodfish observations


Davis, M. P., Chakrabarty, P. (2011) Tripodfish (Aulopiformes: Bathypterois) locomotion and landing behaviour from video observation at bathypelagic depths in the Campos Basin of Brazil. Marine Biology Research 7:297-303.


High-resolution videos of Bathypterois used in the paper.

Tripod Fish 1440m Brazil.avi (38Mb)


Stygiomedusa observations


Benfield, M.C. and W.M. Graham. (2010) In situ observations of Stygiomedusa gigantea in the Gulf of Mexico with a review of its global distribution and habitat. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UK. In Press.


High-resolution videos of Stygiomedusa used in the paper.

stygiomedusa_09_24_06.wmv (2.5Mb 15 secs duration)

stygiomedusa_07_03_08.mpg (340Mb 10 mins 43 secs duration)

stygiomedusa_05_19_09.mpg (108Mb 6 mins 16 secs duration)

stygiomedusa_10_30_05.mpg (134Mb 3 mins 58 secs duration)


Swimming mechanics of Oarfish


High-resolution videos of the Oarfish (Regalecus glesne) used in the paper.

regalecus_glesne_07_10_08_09_45_02.mpg (106Mb)

regalecus_glesne_con_07_10_08_09_48_31.mpg (51Mb)


Eastern Mediterranean megafauna


Video of the megafauna of the deep-water Kiwi site, off Egypt (Eastern Mediterranean). Features Chaceon mediterraneus, Bathypterois mediterraneus, Cataetyx laticeps and Chalinura mediterranea.

Kiwi_supp_mat.mpg (654 Mb)